We are happy to announce that there were more than 100 participants at this IBK Training Camp.  It was most interesting and informative.  I am sure all who attended had a rewarding time.  These IBK Events will get even better each time.  All was done to keep the costs to a minimum and in fact they were so low that we did not meet the expenses.  The important thing is that it was a success and everyone improved their skills it.


            The tests were lead by the IBK Technical Director Hanshi Jan de Bruin. These tests were held during the IBK Summer Training Camp, on Saturday, August 27, 2011, in EMMEN, HOLLAND and in the manner they were held many years ago.  They were both thorough and hard which is the Kyokushin way.


            Every person who participated gave it all they had.  Every person earned the respect of everyone in attendance.  Not every person who tested was perfect in everything they did but they repeated the part that was not perfect and made it perfect in techniques, kata, etc.


            Every person did complete the fights and every one of them gave it their all and made all of us proud of them.  That is Kyokushin and that is IBK.


            We had some who could not attend due to injuries days before the Training Camp but we are confident they will be tested as soon as they are ready.  Training injuries happen and they do cause delays.  In the IBK we do all possible to train hard and to train smart but accidents/injuries do happen and we learn from them and we overcome them.


Those who tested and the results are as follows:

GRADE          NAME                                               COUNTRY                 COMMENTS                                    .

2nd DAN      HASHMAT ‘ALI’ BAKHTIARI       GERMANY               Dojo Paderborn, Germany

1st KYU          DeLUCA VALENTIN                       SWITZERLAND        EXCELLENT

2nd KYU          JÓZSEF NAGY                                  HUNGARY                EXCELLENT

3rd KYU          VANESSZA MÓZNER                    HUNGARY                EXCELLENT

3rd KYU          ELISABETH ARRADA                     SWITZERLAND        EXCELLENT


8th KYU          ALAIN PITET                                                SWITZERLAND        EXCELLENT

8th KYU          BASTIEN JEANRENAU                  SWITZERLAND        EXCELLENT

9th KYU          GREGORY IVANOVIC                    SWITZERLAND        EXCELLENT


            New Grades that were awarded during the IBK Summer Training Camp, 2011, EMMEN, HOLLAND, AUGUST 28, 2011:

6TH DAN           Maximiliano Ferraiolo                       -           Dai Shihan Canada

5th Dan                        Henrik Pap                                         -           Dai Shihan Hungary



Don Saint, Secretary

7th DAN





An organization normally has a Secretary and a Treasurer.  Normally the secretary collects money and turns it over to the treasurer.  The IBK does not have a Treasurer because there is no bank account and there is zero IBK money to be deposited in a bank account.


Because these IBK Events are organized by Kancho and the costs are so low, there is always a deficit (Not enough money to pay the costs of holding the event.)  Kancho pays the difference out of his own pocket.


The money collected is collected by the secretary and turned over to Kancho with full accountability of every cent.


Fees such as the one-time membership certificates, Dojo certificate and Dojo Dues and promotions are paid directly to Kaicho.


When I told my friend that I was going to purchase some Hamburgers for my students that came with me, he said that I should use IBK money. I quickly told him that there is ZERO IBK money and that every cent collected for the event goes to Kancho so he can pay the bills and that what I had collected and would collect would not be enough to pay all of those costs.


The hamburgers were paid out of my pocket and I wish I could afford to have purchased more but I am retired and on a limited income at 77 years of age.


When I hit the Lotto I will purchase hamburgers for everyone in attendance.



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