28.03.2012 Resignation Henk Kuipers


Resignation Henk Kuipers


Tuesday, 27 March 2012 16:11


Resignation of Henk Kuipers former Kancho and sponsor of the IBK since 6 years has RESIGNED from the IBK.NL
This news did NOT come falling out of the sky. It was developing already some time ago and the natural outcome started begin March 2012.
On recommendation of Joop Reilman Hanshi 6 years ago Henk agreed to take up the function of Kancho or Chairman of the IBK.
This after the old committee was expelled because they tried to take over the IBK at that time but NOBODY went with them.
At the time Henk was very rich and had a big security company with many personal.
The first 4 years where unbelievable and Henk really took the job serious.
We all were very grateful to him.
Than some years later Henk got in trouble with the tax administration of the Netherlands and they really throw the book at him.
After a long time he lost almost everything and had to start a new security business.
Of course he could not sponsor anymore the way he did before but we did not mind.
Than Henk told me that he has a lot of trouble with the Amsterdam Hells Angels (I did not know that he was involved  with them)
and told me his motor club the Drentse MC was attached to the Amsterdam Hells Angels.
But after some years when he could be a full members he told them that he was  stopping  the membership with them.
They did not take that kindly and let him know that and also wanted a lot of money from him which of course he could not.
Also they wanted more and Henk of course refused. But the row took an ugly road and Henk moved his MC to the opponents of  Amsterdam HA  the Satudarah. He told me just to be protected  for him and his lovely family.

Than both MC, s where almost daily in the newspapers and after a TV show where Henk was the main attraction the Marines, Navy and the Commandos  where on the telephone to Jan de Bruin Hanshi intermediary to the Armed Forces and told him that since they found out that the IBK chairman  was a Hells Angel and even part of their managers  and that we could NOT use their facilities anymore.
That was the begin of the end.
I had long talks with Henk and his friend Bernard Hanshi and it looked that we solved things.
But then Henk wanted certain conditions and that sounded more than a terrible insult than conditions and that was it.

He resigned, after talking to my Dai Shihans and present and old members NOBODY wanted that the IBK Budo organization which is now 32 years old being run also by what kind of motor club.
The last time I met Henk I was very sorry and amazed that his bald head was now full of names and Satudarah also tattooed everywhere which did not look like a business man.

With great SADNESS I realized that and era was OVER.
Anybody who thinks different can go with Henk and whatever he is going to do, but the IBK.NL  will be clean of any interference from anything NOT member as Dai Shihan (advisor) or  7th, 8th and 9th dan of the IBK committee.
Again I don’t dislike Henk or anything like that but as a realist I KNOW that the way he went is NOT going to work for MY BOYS, I am working with for 32 years.
Again WE and I  especially thank Henk for the wonderful years before and are really sorry for the turn of events and fully understand the hardship he suffered  and wish him luck with his MC.


Kaicho Jon Bluming.

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